Saturday, December 25, 2010



Morality refers to an adopted code of conduct within an environment and a set of agreed upon rules for what is 'right' and 'wrong'. Morals have formed the spine of modern society, religion and every individual's conscience. The conceptions changed in time and take on a new meaning. For example, 'murder is immoral', but 'on the battlefield murder is permissible'. In a way, morality is in sync with ethics. While one is abstract in understanding, the other is defined and in the form of written code. Morality addresses the ethical queries on the moral outcome of a specific situation. The code of conduct formulated probes prohibitions, controversial behavior, standards of belief systems and social conformity of morally 'right' behavior.

Moral codes define 'appropriate' and 'expected' activity. Community morality is usually defined via commentaries and codes of authority. Morality is better understood as an assimilation of beliefs about the essentials to lead a 'good' life. It is not to be confused with religious or fanatic or political preception. Moral codes are based on value systems that have been tried and tested. The best examples of moral codes include the Eightfold Path of
Buddhism and the Ten commandments. It is believed that all of us, throughout our lives, act from a developing moral core.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make Your Family’s Values Clear

Make Your Family’s Values Clear
Values are cultivated in the family and learned in time and with proper guidance.
Family values are often defined as a set of beliefs that can help provide for family unity. These are beliefs, moral or social, that holds the family together. Spiritual values, like in the saying that the family that prays together stays together, clearly define this unity value. Others also say that family comes first in everything that they do. This is a positive moral value that must be adopted ideally by people.

In the early years, there were so many beliefs that can be considered obsolete nowadays. Women were denied their rights, unmarried men were considered homosexuals, wife beating was no considered wrong because they were masochist – a lot more can be enumerated. But most of these are already considered things of the past.

Traditional family values changes with cultural changes adopted by people. Political or economic developments may have an effect on cultural change. The traditionally poor who are now financially well-off may have a possibility of getting lesser moral values. Spirituality also may lessen and materialism may get into the lives of people.

This situation should not get into people’s minds. Although family values may vary from one family to another, the setting of values which are continually communicated to the different family members will be permanently instilled in their minds. Young kids will not have difficulty in absorbing these, and parents showing the way will always be a good example.

Since the family is the most basic unit of society, a healthy functioning family should develop good and healthy family values. Those values that can be looked up to by most people and most families as well are most ideal. Our social values are most often reinforced by our spiritual beliefs and traditions. Fear in God makes man follow the right path and with the head of the family showing these, the whole family will likely to follow.

Family time which includes playtime for the whole family creates a healthy bond that ties them strongly together. This is a perfect time for sharing family values, and working together with your family can create and identify new values learned.

Family values can be a foundation on how your children will grow. Teach them and support them correctly and they will be good future citizens. Take time to share your family values and traditions with your kids.

Your kids, having acquired healthy family values, will forever be grateful to having you as their parents. Their future will be assured since they were always guided to follow the right path. Moral ascendancy was always shown by their parents, hence they will forever be righteous in everything they do. And this tradition can be handed down to the generations that follow.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Core values of life

Core values of life

For all human beings - the core values or key values are very much the same.


To do what they love to do and need to do

Free choice

To select from infinite options life offers always the one option best suitable for your needs

Freedom of love

To love how and who they want

Freedom of progressing

Moving to other locations is but a means to most efficiently achieve spiritual goals often subconsciously aware. The innermost spiritual core of each human knows the spiritual ( religious ) needs to re-gain freedom or to learn to love in order to regain freedom. Hence the inner driving force to achieve such most efficient spiritual progress requires absolute freedom to meet, see, socialize with all those being part of your learning process or your dissolving and spiritual healing process.

Freedom of meeting and socializing

To meet, love, marry and have friends who ever you select and whatever their nationality or location may be.

Freedom of truth-finding

To know the absolute truth about everything. To know about God and our origin, to know how to return the most efficient and most direct way, to know all spiritual rules and laws, to know how to achieve our inner and outer freedom and to regain our spiritual power, freedom, peace and love potential.

Freedom of self realization and God realization

To become one with God, return home to our eternal home. To truly know who we are and know our past and future - to know all about our true eternal origin and nature of our being and to live it again in oneness with God.