Tuesday, May 22, 2012


                                 TWO MEN SEE THROUGH THE SAME BARS.
                          ONE SEES THE MUD AND OTHER SEES THE STARS.
It is only because of attitude.
What is attitude
 Attitudes are the views of a person whether positive or negative. Attitude is an inward feeling in outward behaviour A person with positive attitude is like a fruit of all seasons. He is always welcome. People with positive attitude have certain personality traits that are easily recognized. They are caring, confident, patient  and  humble If the attitude is positive, it brings happiness, success, satisfaction, winning , admiration, leadership and much more freedom: Freedom from worries, frustration, and fear. In short positive attitude means: Many  wonderful Positive things.
Factors that determine attitude.
It is said many times:"Oh, she acts just like her mom."
 It means attitude is learned behaviour? Most of our attitudes were shaped during our formative years. But there are still some factors that determine our attitude formation. the most important factor is environment .Environment means the house ,the school, the workplace, our  neighbours, our cultural, religious, social and traditional  beliefs . Second most important factor is experience. Our behaviour changes according to our experience with various people. Events and experiences become reference points in our lives, we draw conclusions which become our guidelines in future and decide our attitude. Education not only make us able to earn but also teaches how to live. So the role of education is vital to make our attitude
Positive attitude benefits in many ways
.It makes your personality pleasing.
Helps you become a contributing  member of society and an asset of country.
It increase the productivity if you work for an organisation                                           
It solved problems.
Increases profits and reduces stress.
And breeds loyalty also.

Consequences of negative attitude
  If your attitude is negative, your life is restrict.
Your success at work will be limited.
You will have fewer friends.
Your enjoyment in life will be less.
It will cause high stress level for themselves and others.
Life would become purposeless.

                           The Starfish Story(a story on attitude)
An elderly man was walking along the beach, admiring the beautiful view. As he walked, he noticed that a large group of starfishes had been washed ashore by the receding tide, and they were struggling to get back to the water. The man was saddened by this turn of events, but accepted that there was nothing he could do to change anything.
The man walked on, continuing to notice the large numbers of helpless starfishes, until he saw another man in the distance standing at the water’s edge amongst the starfishes. Curious, the elderly man walked over to him, wandering what he was up to.
As he got closer, the elderly man could see that the younger man was picking up starfishes, one by one, and throwing them back out into the sea. Astonished, the elderly man got close enough for the other man to hear him, and then he called out.
“Hey! What on earth are you doing?”
The younger man turned to him and smiled, then turned back to the sea, still continuing his duty of picking up and throwing starfishes.
“I’m helping these starfishes get back into the ocean.”
The elderly man couldn’t believe it, why was this man wasting his time throwing starfishes back? There were thousands of them here, it would take him days! He voiced his thoughts.
“Why are you throwing them back? There’s thousands of them here, it’ll take you forever! How can you possibly hope to make a difference to these starfishes?”
Remaining calm, the younger man continued his duty without looking at the elderly man. Just as he threw another starfish back into the ocean, he replied.
“I made a difference to that one.”
what do you think?