Saturday, December 18, 2010

Core values of life

Core values of life

For all human beings - the core values or key values are very much the same.


To do what they love to do and need to do

Free choice

To select from infinite options life offers always the one option best suitable for your needs

Freedom of love

To love how and who they want

Freedom of progressing

Moving to other locations is but a means to most efficiently achieve spiritual goals often subconsciously aware. The innermost spiritual core of each human knows the spiritual ( religious ) needs to re-gain freedom or to learn to love in order to regain freedom. Hence the inner driving force to achieve such most efficient spiritual progress requires absolute freedom to meet, see, socialize with all those being part of your learning process or your dissolving and spiritual healing process.

Freedom of meeting and socializing

To meet, love, marry and have friends who ever you select and whatever their nationality or location may be.

Freedom of truth-finding

To know the absolute truth about everything. To know about God and our origin, to know how to return the most efficient and most direct way, to know all spiritual rules and laws, to know how to achieve our inner and outer freedom and to regain our spiritual power, freedom, peace and love potential.

Freedom of self realization and God realization

To become one with God, return home to our eternal home. To truly know who we are and know our past and future - to know all about our true eternal origin and nature of our being and to live it again in oneness with God.