Sunday, September 30, 2012


How to tackle defeat?
‘Defeat comes only when you give up – and don’t bounce back’
Defeats come at every stage in your life or your career but you need to bounce back
5 Ways to Handle Defeat Gracefully
Defeat can suck. However, if you adopt the right attitude, that defeat will only impact you for a moment before you move forward with action. It is often said that you can judge one’s character by the way they accept defeat. Therefore, we’ll provide 5 ways to confront defeat with grace:
1. Accept it: It happened. So what? You have the power to let it impact you for days or for a few hours or not at all. It happens to everyone hundreds of times throughout their life.

2. Learn from it: Instead of looking at losing as a failure, accept it as a challenge to better your craft. Competition should not be about others but yourself. You can opt to use the defeat to better or lose yourself. It’s your choice.

3. Moving forward: Set your sights on a new goal. As rapper Jay Z would say, move “on to the next”. Create new challenges for yourself. If you experienced a big defeat, set your sights on smaller goals until you complete the bigger picture. However, any accomplished journey comes from small steps, so keep moving.

4. Emulate: How have your role models/ idols dealt with defeat? There are many successful ways to cope with it. Discover the ways in which someone that you admire chose to handle their defeat. It’s likely that their solution could work for you too.

5. Distraction: Instead of letting self-doubt and negativity occupy your mind, put your attention somewhere else. Volunteer or spend time helping someone else get over their problems. These activities can additionally do wonders for your self-esteem.

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