Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Be Happy

Be Happy

The Key to Manifesting your goals is to be in Gratitude and Appreciation at all times, which brings Happiness. As the saying goes :

There is no way to Happiness; Happiness is the way.

Thinking that you will be happy once you achieve the goal unfortunately doesn't work. The key is to BE HAPPY first and then achieve the Goal. When you are happy, the Law of Vibration works beautifully and effortlessly. If we are unhappy, we keep giving confusing signals to the Universe (Genie, Subconscious). On one moment, we are asking for our Goals, on the very next moment, we are unhappy. The Universe is confused as to what you want: the goal or unhappiness? Be happy, do your daily rituals and see the magic happen. Unleash the Power Within in the truest sense. One of easiest ways to be Happy and be in the right vibration is to be in Gratitude and Appreciation at all times.

Affirmations for the day:

I am so happy and grateful to GOD for everything he has given me. I am always happy as I work towards my goals and I trust that the goal is on the way and it will come at any moment. I appreciate everything that is around me and see the beauty .

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